We empower Ideas First, Collaborative Ventures, with Long Term Capital

About Us

Ascent Ventures Group is a thesis driven venture capital firm specializing in early-stage investments to empower extended Southeast Asian builders manifest viable vision into investible ventures. With expertise in MSME Enabler, Next Gen. Fintech, and Neo Consumer, Ascent Ventures Group combine bottom-up thesis sourcing and diligence, strategic collaboration with major corporations, while providing long-term capital to accelerate business model fit.

Global branch, with local roots

Experienced venture investors and operators with global experience and local expertise, specializing in Indonesia's opportunities.

Ideas first, Asymmetric Information

Our unique approach leverages asymmetric insights from incumbents, experts, and on-the-ground research for successful ideas-founders fit.

Venture is Complex, Focus is key

Extended Southeast Asia market especially Indonesia offers diverse investable ventures opportunities, but MSME. Finance, and Consumer are the pareto. Focus is key.

Collaborative Ventures, Incite Growth

Ascent Ventures Group bridges founders with leading corporations, leveraging strategic insights and assets to accelerate growth.


MSME Enablers Next Gen Financial Service Neo Consumer

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